You Can Delve Into the Latest League in Path of Exile Starting

  • Path of Exile players on PC and XBox One can now "DELVE" to the latest content expansion towards the game. In Delve, players head underground to learn new treasures galore. The further players head into your mines, greater difficult the encounters become, and all sorts of in the dark too.

        Path of Exile Key Features Include:

            Download and play free of charge, but never pay-to-win
            A dark and deep action RPG
            Unlimited character combinations with all the game's gigantic skill tree
            Combine skill gems to produce unique combat strategies
            Explore a dark and gritty world rendered at a fixed 3D perspective
            Explore randomly generated levels for merely infinite replayability
            Craft weapons, magic items and in many cases end-game maps to be more powerful
            Cooperate or take on thousands of other Exiles inside a persistent online world
            Ascend online ladders in every single game mode

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