But the defensive AI continues to be improved

  • But the defensive AI continues to be improved, so it will be not quite as bad like previous Madden games. Cornerbacks are now far more adept at entering into passing lanes and knocking down passes (particularly on shorter routes), along with Madden 19 Coins the zone coverage operates much the way it does in person, with all the safety coming onto help if any on the other defensive backs get beat down this line of business. Blitzes are handled rather effectively--you simply won't necessarily get burned by running one, even so the offense will obtain a significant amount of yards when they execute the play on time. Still, it's incredibly satisfying to use a blitz work over a running play, because the linebacker shoots down the queue of scrimmage and takes the running backpedal. Tackling can be considered a tricky proposition occasionally since your tackle relies on speed and in which you make contact using the opposing player, so you'll be able to Madden NFL 19 Coins expect to determine the computer shake off 1 or 2 before you get comfortable with all the system. There can also be some moments, like during kickoffs or punt returns, when an AI-controlled opponent are going to be within a foot of the player but not tackle him, that is somewhat surprising given how good the AI is within other areas with the game.