Fall Content & Monster Hunting

  •     Nexon America, the North American subsidiary of Tokyo-based NEXON Co., LTD. (“Nexon”) (3659.TO), a universal leader in free-to-play (F2P) games, today unveiled the fall content update for MapleStory, certainly one because of their most beloved titles. Currently celebrating its 8th anniversary, MapleStory could possibly be ringing inside season through providing players new quests and MapleStory 2 Mesos valuable in-game items.
        Just over the years for Halloween, players can hunt monsters for Witch Malady and retrieve Dark Tokens that could be exchanged for rare equipment and items.  Additionally, players who meet and accept Olivia’s mission will explore the Haunted Mansion to deal with various monstrous toys.  Players may additionally visit Maple Castle to help Empress Cygnus assembled a spooktacular Halloween party.
        Players whorrrre at Level 130 and above can explore Crimsonheart Castle, a perception dungeon as per Crimsonwood Keep.  Level 135 players and above will be in a position to view the Shadow Veil Forest, a atlas the spot that Buy MapleStory 2 Mesos the route changes every couple of hours.  Finally, players who reached Level 140 can test their skills by fighting the giant boss “Gollux” inside a volume of epic boss battles taking place on the heart of Shadow Veil Forest.