Madden 25 picks Denver Broncos to win Superbowl XLVII

  • EA Sports has run its annual Superbowl simulation and tipped the Denver Broncos to conquer the Seattle Seahawks in overtime.
    According to Madden 25, Peyton Manning Madden Overdrive Coins led the Broncos to victory, becoming the other quarterback to win a Superbowl with two different franchises. Both teams fielded strong defence, with few points scored inside the opening quarter.
    At half time, the Seahawks held a 10-7 lead, in part on account of cornerback Richard Sherman using a returned interception and touchdown.
    In the next half, Manning took on Sherman and Madden Overdrive Coins for sale collided with Demaryius Thomas to get off a 17-yard touchdown. Knowshon Moreno then took added a mission line run, giving Denver a 21-10 lead. Seattle’s Steven Hauschka scored an industry goal at the tip of another quarter, but Manning replied inside the fourth having a 24-yard touchdown.