With the score 10-3

  • With the score 10-3, the Packers looked to tie the score within the fourth quarter. Rodgers connnected with Cobb twice for 34 yard of what looked becoming a promising drive. The Cowboys defense came out huge again, forcing Madden Mobile Coins another field goal. On the heels from the Packers field goal, Whitehead received the kick at his four yard line. With stellar blocking from his guys about the kickoff unit, he sprinted about the sideline for just a 96-yard kickoff return for the touchdown, making the score 17-6.
    The Packers, scrambling for answeres, responded with Madden Overdrive Accounts the onslaught threw the oxygen. All 75 yards within the drive came via Rodgers’ arm and ended having a Cobb touchdown. They attempted to consider two, though the ball was brilliantly knocked away by rookie Anthony Brown.