Week 9: Top 20 Fantasy QBs In Madden NFL 16

  • Andrew Luck facing the most reliable defense in football has instilled no confidence within me. Halfway when working with 3rd quarter yesterday vs. Carolina, Luck had negative points. Luck  scoring under 10 points now could rather be no real surprise. So, please, enjoy Top 20 Fantasy QBs.
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    1. Tom Brady (NE) vs. Washington Redskins
    MVP will visit function as being the three letters I'd use to have a look at into detail Tom Brady. An unquestionable fantasy starter ever week. He posesses a fantastic match up resistant to your Washington Buy MUT 19 Coins Redskins, a defense who  has surrendered with all the least 250 pass yards in addition to a set of pass TDs in each in the company's last two games. Expect slightly daughter Thanksgiving for Tom Brady.