Meet the Challenge of Maple Missions!

  • Earn rewards for the playtime! With Maple Missions, you might be tasked with completing special missions in-game. Visit the Maple Missions page to look at the missions and track your progress. Finish each mission for prizes, and complete every one of the missions consecutively or column for additional rewards! Perfect your MapleStory 2 Mesos mission mastery by completing all 9 numbered missions and all sorts of extra missions to take delivery of a grand prize.  

    We’re celebrating the Ark: Monad update with missions featuring Monad, Lab Server, events, and much more. You could only complete each mission once per account, and it need to be completed throughout the event period to be able to receive a reward. Mission progress is updated about the website at 12:00 AM, 8:00 AM, and 4:00 PM UTC daily. When a mission is marked “complete”, jump in-game to pick inside the prize that’s awaiting you! If you want to Buy MS2 Mesos, please continue to keep an eye on MMOAH.