MapleStory 2: How to Level Up Quickly

  • - I love the phantom class and have a lot of memories attached to Maplestory 2 Mesos... but let's face it: my real Aim is that I Need to be able to solo tough mag and hellux to"self finance" my other characters and it seems like it takes WAYYYY less effort to deliver a NW to that level as opposed to some phantom

    What are your ideas? Any idea on how much my primary and items can sell for? World is BROA. Thanks so much for your time guys!

    In order to help keep it spoiler free, I'll consult with this boss as"boss".My question is this: I cannot seem to fight the Boss. This is not the one that is regular, although the level 190 one. Either I perish too much or run out of time? Any maplestory2 hints? My character is flat 176, and class bishop.Keep moving and attempt using abilities which you may use quickly, not necessarily the ones which hit hardest.

    You can use the portals around the most effective platforms, don't try using the portals that are bottom, you'll only waste time. You are going to use the portal site on the left if the lasers are turning clockwise . You use the portal on the right if they're turning counter-clockwise. Don't try jumping on the core, you will end up slamming in the direct route of the lasers and will not make it.

    While in the second phase, try to keep to avoid his cable jab. So don't worry about them that far, the large inks will only take at you upward. He is recovery, strike him repeatedly and the cure will fail, but leave him be and he'll cure a lot, when a blue ball of energy seems over his mind.

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