Maplestory 2 is fans' opportunity

  • This is not a rant, this is my true view of an important aspect of this brilliant game, the value of these items in Maplestory2 Mesos  gets totally destroyed with the forthcoming Marvel Machine.

    Among the most appealing things in this game would be, bossing, together with buddies, guildies but a strong point of bossing is that the income it provides, the petroleum of the runs, which an awesome thing that I believe many of maplers (financed or not financed players) loves is gollux, doing gollux everyday amassing gollux items little by little every day, we need more things such as gollux from the game.

    And here we have some strong items, non accessible by boss means, this is Lightning God Ring (LGR), Superior Lidium Heart and similar, etc.. They are NX exclusive.This does not end here, Marvel Machine (MC) also gives Chaos Root Abyss items (all of these ).

     Anniversary Scrolls, all sort of Magnus Tyrant Items, Cloaks, Boots, Belts and Gloves (you need around 1 year doing kiritias quests for you, likely the reason besides the lag that NA did not release Hekaton was going to create Tyrant Gloves more exclusive from NX way ), Superior Gollux Items, etc etc..

    So you can see that MC is practically offering everything that the player aims forplayers and gamers are having less significance of bossing regular as it is useless to boss in the game right now, for instance, CRA items worth almost nothing, Superior Items are going to diminish even more, and Tyrant Boots requires a tricky work of 70 coins moving every week, it is going to be very cheap more and more after every MC launch, and the Cloaks are more cheaper compared to NX item PSOK (Platinum Karma) itself.

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