Is the Idea of 'No Weapons LTM' Reasonable in Fortnite

  • Players often post their own concepts and ideas about Fortnite to Reddit, recently, a Reddit post from user 'An-FBI-Agent' gave a quick rundown of how a gun-less LTM could perform inside the 100-player battle royale and it would immediately be among the list of wildest additions to the game.

    Fortnite No Weapons LTM

    Restricted Time Modes are among the list of important functions of Fortnite that preserve the game fresh, and new ideas are usually being posted. And this 'No Weapons LTM' would turn off all weapon and turret spawns to force players to discover other implies to take down opponents.

    Fortnite No Weapons LTM

    Traps, stink bombs, along with the pickaxe would be the three items they identified as possible other approaches to kill opponents.

    Quadcrashers could possibly be used for splatter variety kills but there aren't a ton of techniques to take down opponents with no applying a gun in Fortnite.

    There are absolutely some perspective issues with an LTM like this.

    For the reason that it will be so challenging to kill opponents heal offs may be widespread mainly because turtling and stacking medkits could be the ideal method to win.

    A remedy could be to just avoid medkits - as well as shields -from spawning. With no individuals obtaining fortnite save the world weapons, every single point of harm will likely be much tougher to take off and would then be much more impactful.

    Yet another potential issue is skybases. There will not be any technique to break them down from bases within the storm so endgames could get rather boring.

    The answer for this will be to have the storm destroy player created structures which would bring the fighting back for the ground.