Loot just lying on the Fortnite materials

  • Sometimes you'll see a load of loot just lying on the Fortnite materials ground, instead of in a torso or tucked away within a building. It's a sign that a poor soul has been slain there, and though it may seem as an inviting way to nab yourself some bandages and weaponry, bear in mind that the person that murdered them might be lurking nearby prepared to carry you out also.

    A couple new consumables have worked their way to Buy fortnite items for season 4: apples and mushrooms. You'll locate them by trees or in the shadier areas and you can merely nom them on the move, though you can not push a load into your pockets unfortunately.

    But, an apple will give you five HP, while a mushroom will include 5 shield, which are great for when you can not find anything more than a small shield potion or are in dire need of a boost after a struggle.

    Hidden away from the settings menu are a load of controller settings (and PC ones too, obviously ), which will allow you to tweak various elements of your control layout. Switch to Builder Pro for faster building, turn on Sprint Cancels Reloading, Tap to Search / Interact, Controller Auto-Run, Turbo Building and Auto Material Change. It's well worth taking a look in here between games to ensure everything is as you would want it in order to enhance the way you play.

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