Largely come down to PoE trade currency

  • The other slots are somewhat more perplexing, and largely come down to PoE trade currency if you want to use a couple of bows. If youdo not mind weapon swapping between single goal and AoE and're like me, use two bows. It'll result in higher life totals and higher damage at the expense of a bit of some money and clunkiness. In case you choose to go this route, I strongly propose that a +3 to gems bow as your own AoE setup, and also a Chin Sol as your single target setup. If you do this if your build you will probably need to wear a Kaom's Heart can support the strength requirement. It gives life and harm.

    If you choose to go with 1 bow, then you have two options.

    Your last option is a bit odd, but lets you do some setups. Rather than using two a 6L body, you can utilize Frostferno. It provides +2 to Fire and Cold gems, and Elemental Strike counts as all elements, so it gets.

    Frostferno also has amount 30 Cold to Fire built in, so in the click our page event that you go this route you would probably place your single goal in your Frostferno, put a Cold into Fire stone into your AoE setup, and remove your Pyre ring in favor of a ring with higher stats. This variant is very popular right now, as most people dislike swapping bows. I would recommend Chin Sol as a cheap and strong bow, Should you go the single bow strategy.

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