You have a lot of new styles to Maplestory 2 Mesos

  • Before you officially start your journey in MapleStory M, you will get to design your very own personality. While the options are limited, you can correct how they look and select from much superior choices later on in the game. As soon as you unlock the menu, then click on it at the upper right corner of the screen. You will pull up a listing of options, but you would like to click the Character tab at the top left side using a helmet marker. When you click , another row of tabs will appear under, and from there, you would like to click Hair/Plastic Surgery.

    Then you'll be brought over to a new character customization display in MapleStory M in which you can choose between changing either your own hair or your face. You'll notice that you have a lot of new styles to Maplestory 2 Mesos choose from, however they will cost you crystals to unlock. These costs vary from 45-95 crystals, which means they aren't that pricey. Do take note, however, that crystals are the game's premium money, so you'll have to either grind for more or use actual money to purchase it. In any event, this seems to be the only real means to change your look in MapleStory M.

    MapleStory 2 is a charming game filled with wonder and adventure at every corner. Playing as your own character, you can choose to follow an assortment of different quests and take on a broad range of dangerous enemies. Since the game is an MMO, you can always go through the pleasure with friends everywhere you want. That said, 1 question some players might have is the way to add friends in MapleStory 2.

    The approach is actually fairly simple when you understand how to get it done. On the Maple story M Mesos primary display on your game, you should notice a row of icons found at the bottom right side of the screen. When you're incorporating your pals, look for the tiny blue box beside the house and the icon which resembles a brown box. The little blue icon pretty much acts like your social tab, so hover your mouse over it and you will be greeted with a string of options.

    From that point, check the top right side of your display and click"Add Buddy" Simply type in the individual's username and also send them a small note if you would like to. On the flip side, if you have gotten a request from the friend, just tap the Request tab to pull up any pending invitations from MapleStory 2.

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