Don't be concerned about free agency. We'll be fine

  • In Mark Curnutte's latest, he headlined a short article called "Bengals Quiet in Free Agency". I thought, well, yea. The Bengals this off-season have focused on signing your, prepping season-long injuries into 2007 successes and Madden 19 Coins building during the entire draft. It's caused some Madden-armchair-GM-like fans being disgruntled because on the lack of free agent activity. I believe, within a way, that's justified, only in the event you find a flaw about what's returning next season -- supplment your fact that Marvin Lewis are going to be a "hardass".
    Let's dive deeper.
    Some believe signing your own is indicative towards successful free agency. I believe there's some logic to the next thought -- logic I don't trust, but logic nonetheless. Expectations with free agency are signing outside players. We know whatever we've with Buy Madden 19 Coins your individual which led for the 8-8 season. So re-signing all of our guys is, in the way, disheartening, because there is nothing new and exciting from "insta-success" free agency. Personally, I don't even think this market was persuasive enough to sign players that will up using a difference in the scope from the c's's finances.