RuneScape's official legacy servers 'a serious part' of busines

  • Old School RuneScape, a version from the browser-based online multiplayer game that preserves its original gameplay, continues to grow into a fundamental portion of developer Jagex's popular game, product manager Matthew Kemp said. In OSRS Gold an article published on LinkedIn, Kemp details that this officially run legacy server found success with both players with the MMORPG as well as its developer.

    RuneScape's Legacy Mode launched in 2013, months after Jagex launched an important reworking of the sport called Evolution of Combat. Kemp recalled a group of longtime players asking the studio to present them an opportunity to keep playing the action in its pre-updated form.

    "Even though we had arrived quite certain concerning the initial surge of RuneScape Gold interest these servers would get we wished to test this and then we asked our players with a poll as long as they would play," he wrote. "When half a million individuals customers said they need to play it... we sort of had to undertake it."