RuneScape and Old School RuneScape Halloween 2017 Event & Patch

  • RuneScape‘s developer, Jagex, has announced Halloween events for OSRS Gold both RuneScape and Old School RuneScape, as well as a new patch, making minor bug fixes and gameplay tweaks.The RuneScape event holds new discoveries to create, while playing through pages of “spooky tales,” whereas in Old School RuneScape you can look at to survive a “hockey-mask-like-wearing-killer-stalking Gielnior.”

    Details on RuneScape‘s Halloween Event are below:

    Written by RuneScape developers and players, the tales featured in Ghost Stories of Gielinor take participants on the journey of terror, beginning a meeting that has a mysterious figure referred to as ‘Closure’. Those brave enough to Buy RuneScape Gold recover and have the tales upfront will bring them together to a great tome, in addition to unlock a brand new cosmetic item to not forget this year’s Halloween by: The headless rider outfit.

    Old School RuneScape’s event was teased on Friday 13th this month, when a masked individual was spotted through the game’s free-to-play areas – however the stakes happen to be raised, along with the spectre of Jonas is on the deadly try to find victims. Successful participants get the mask worn by Jonas, while players may also turn their character’s skin a gorgeous shade of ‘Zombie Blue’.