RuneScape’s library of original music for being officially rele

  • “The community has become telling us for an extended time that RuneScape’s music is, for a lot of RuneScape Gold , the soundtrack for their youth and that they can would like it being more easily accessible. So, we’re thrilled to get able to produce original, current and classical versions of a few of their favourite tracks accessible for them to hear where, when and how they need. This includes new previously unheard arrangements by James Hannigan, recorded with all the Philharmonia Orchestra at Abbey Road recently.

    “Holding the Guinness World Record for the majority of original items of music inside a video game can be a huge way to obtain pride for Jagex. Together these releases show the extent with the musical journey we are actually on and that we hope past, current and future players will relish them.”

    Jagex announces its second trio of executive signings in Cheap RuneScape Gold only three months, after the triple intake last November. All the modern signings are going to boost the business's marketing capabilities - and are well-known on the company.