Rumor: Jagex Developing Action RPG Based on RuneScape 2

  • Although the source from the rumor seems authentic enough, you can find the possibility which the project is cancelled before it’s even announced. The executive producer of the sport has labored on numerous projects throughout his career. The most notable works of OSRS Gold Richardsson include ‘Defiance’, ‘EVE Online’, and ‘Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade’.

    While Jagex has launched several games before, RuneScape is in no way their most successful title. FunOrb, a gaming site started by Jagex in 2008, turn off earlier this coming year in August. The company also done a browser MMO named Stellar Dawn, that has been scrapped during development. Recently, Jagex launched mobile versions of OldSchool RuneScape, a long-awaited and well-received addition.

    With this under consideration, it might make sense for Jagex to RuneScape Gold create a brand new game with similarities to RuneScape. Jagex saw good results with the overall game when it launched, and also to this day, 1000s of users keep play the years-old MMORPG. This is, however, a rumor, and that we’ll must wait for the state run announcement from Jagex to recognise whether a RuneScape style ARPG is real you aren't.