MapleStory 2 heads for the clouds within the Skybound Expansion

  • Also arriving at MapleStory 2 within the MapleStory 2 Mesos Skybound Expansion may be the PvP Maple Arena. Here, players will face off 1v1 in the best of three battle. The winner will leave with some exclusive and special PvP gear.

    Finally, Normal Chaos Raids and Hard Adventure Dungeons are actually added to aid get players battle ready for that Hard Chaos Raids released previously.

    Players who reach level 60 will be in a position to claim one more Level Up Potion which is often used to instantly boost a character to level 50.You could possibly get your entry in below. Please note the keys are merely redeemable via Steam and never the Nexon Launcher. The codes is only going to work with the MS 2 Mesos service regions linked here and the are the Steam Code Instructions.