Bethesda adds much-requested fixes for PC version of Fallout 76

  • Fallout 76 just can't win. It launched as a bizarrely broken and lonesome mess. Bethesda is trying to fix it, but players discovered that the weekly patch notes actually omitted a ton of important changes that made the game more grind-heavy. So, this week Bethesda sent out patch notes that were truly exhaustive and people discovered a fix for something that they never even knew was broken.

    In the latest Fallout 76 patch released on 11 December 2018, Bethesda included many much-requested fixes for the PC version of the game. The developer added sliders for field of view and depth of field, push-to-talk button and fix for ultrawide monitors. The first three work as intended but 21:9 support is something that's making players angry and disappointed.

    Where the bug came in is that everyone on the server would receive the reward when in actuality, it was only intended for those that saw the event's completely all of the way through. Now that the bug in question has been patched out, players are begging Bethesda to un-fix said glitch. But don't worry - there are no pitchforks - mostly people just think it's hilarious that our lives are so dependant on stew. Buy Cheap Fallout 76 Bottle Caps from gain a 3% discount by using the code “MMOCSVIP”.

    In a post where Bethesda apologized for a lack of communication thus far and acknowledged players’ frustrations with issues they’ve faced in the game, it vowed to increase the Stash size limits on December 4th. That’s just one feature that players have been asking for since before the game even launched, but Bethesda has an update planned for a release after that one.

    The update also adds a number of C.A.M.P. improvements. Small obstructions will now be automatically removed when players put objects on top of them, Bethesda said, allowing them to build when and where they want more easily. Players will now also be notified when they log into the game if their current C.A.M.P. location is occupied by someone else. If they choose to stay in that world, they can place their C.A.M.P. at another location for free. If they join a new world where the space is unoccupied, it will automatically appear in its original spot.

    Other major additions include Special Re-speccing which will allow the players to choose whether they want to unlock a new perk card or reallocate one Special point after they hit level 51. Bethesda included many other performance improvements and bug fixes and you can find the full patch notes in Fallout 76 December update Reddit post.