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    Buy Replica HYT H4 Green Fluid Men 512-TD-69-GF-RN watch

    Case: Titanium,Round

    Case diameter : 51 mm

    Thickness: 17.90 mm

    GLASS: Sapphire

    Dial: Skeletonized

    Movement: Manual Winding

    BUCKLE: Deployment Buckle

    STRAP: Textile

    FUNCTIONS: Hours,Minutes,Power Reserve

    Year: 2018

    Model: 512-TD-69-GF-RN


    The evolution of HYT watches

    This year is 2012; this place, Baselworld's palace annexes, small, independent and often unpopular watch companies showcase their merchandise. Executives from a new Swiss watch company are holding a press conference to unveil their new creations. This is a distinctive watch: instead of displaying hours by hand or by number, it moves the fluorescent green liquid through a slender glass tube.

    The company's name is HYT. Its CEO is Vincent Perriard. Most of the reporters learned about him from his past posts in TechnoMarine and Concord, before that, Hamilton and Audemars Piguet. In addition, HYT's chairman and co-founder, an entrepreneur named Patrick Berdoz, board member and co-founder Lucien Vouillamoz, inventor of the liquid timing system.

    The reporter watched a video showing the liquid, actually two liquids, one antifreeze green, and the other colorless, passing through the tube under the advancement of a pair of pistons at 6 o'clock on the surface. The fluid moves mysteriously as if it were through magic. The time is represented by the position of the meniscus, which is the dividing line between the two fluids.

    HYT calls it a "fluid module" that moves with the piston to support a 12 o'clock minute display, a 9 o'clock to 10 o'clock second wheel, and a power reserve display between 2 o'clock. And 3 o'clock. The movement was designed by Chronode, a high-end avant-garde movement manufacturer.

    What followed was a buzz. As we all know, H1 has become one of the most popular introductions at the show; it seems that everyone wants to see the crazy mixture of HYT. The chatter did not end with the Basel Watch Fair: Later that year, the watch won an Innovation Award at the Grand Prix of the Grand Prix of the Year.

    But there is a problem, as HYT discovered shortly after its release. The watch is useless. Given that the cheapest version is priced at $45,000, it's at least not as good as it needs. The company delivered 20 or 25 pieces and then stopped production. H1 was sent back to the lab.wholesale RICHARD MILLE RM 50-27-01 Replica watch

    Of course, this is a huge disappointment. HYT engineers solved many liquid-related riddles: how to prevent transparent and green liquids from mixing together, how to prevent green liquid from sticking to the glass tube wall, and how to make smaller diameter tubes first, more than 1 mm. and many more. How can there be more problems to solve?

    The answer is simple: HYT has entered the strange world of microfluidics without any expected results. Microfluidics is a study of how microfluids (such as 0.5 ml of fluid used in H1) are used in a variety of applications. One principle of microfluidics is a seemingly insignificant factor. For example, a slight change in atmospheric pressure can have a major impact on the behavior of a liquid. As of 2012, HYT has faced many microfluidic macrophages, but there are still some residues.

    The company worked hard on H1 for a year and a half. By the fall of 2013, the watch is ready, this time it is real. Problems centered on the effects of temperature and pressure changes have been resolved.

    Since then, HYT has introduced an H2, an H3 and an H4, and a quirky (or even HYT) model called Skull and its first pocket watch - also a gimmick. (It also expands its liquid color, including blue and red.) Distribution has grown to approximately 70 points of sale worldwide. The company built about 400 watches in 2015 and has reached break-even point, and is studying ways to use two or even three liquid displays in a single watch. More importantly, from an investor's perspective, HYT is working to apply its designed solutions to larger, more profitable medical devices. HYT's walking on the wild side seems to take it

    14 years ago, when the idea of ​​a liquid watch was born, the possibility seemed to be long: the idea that the watch showed time through a tube filled with liquid was too much. This concept is the brainchild of Vouillamoz, a trained nuclear engineer and an inventor. He is determined to find a way to translate the concept of a leaking pot or water clock into a watch. Vouillamoz received funding from Berdoz, who believes that Vouillamoz's microfluidic concept, once refined and integrated into a precisely running timepiece, may be applied in Berdoz's own field: medical equipment. Specifically, he believes it can be used to inject drugs.

    By 2009, Vouillamoz developed a prototype consisting of a quartz ETA movement and a liquid display. He is ready to take the next step: to realize his invention in a commercially produced watch. One day on the Internet, he stumbled upon Perriard and his watch at Concord's CEO. The watch C1 Quantum Gravity uses a green liquid in a vertical cylinder to show the power reserve. Lightning hit: Vouillamoz found a soul mate, a rare, liquid watch monitor colleague. The two met. “He showed me the prototype, like a crazy inventor,” recalls Periyad. "He said, 'I can bring you technology, far beyond what you do with Concord. We can create something together.'"

    It happened that one day before the start of the meeting, Perriard left his position as CEO of the TechnoMarine watch brand, and for the next 18 months he worked at Concord for a while. Perriard likes the design of distant watches, as he has shown in Concord, he likes watch marketing. "I said, 'Why not? It's crazy, it's my fantasy to create something completely unique," Periyad said. "They shouldn't be seen together, liquids and mechanics."

    The next day, Periyad spoke to Birds. At a thought meeting, Perriard became the CEO and partner of this fledgling company. Or, two companies. HYT has a sister company, Preciflex, which has the same owner, just like it, located in Neuchâtel. HYT is strictly a watch company; Preciflex handles some of the manufacturing processes for developing and executing fluid modules.
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    One of the company's top priorities is to convince suppliers in the watch industry to work with HYT / Preciflex. "No one knows Lucien or Patrick," Periyad said. They do know that they work from his previous watch industry. Perriard signed Chronode, then five years old. “We have to create a custom-made movement that provides enough energy to guide liquid system technology,” Perriard said.

    Thanks to Berdoz and Vouillamoz, the company has access to people outside the watch industry, such as engineers and chemists. HYT / Preciflex hired the former Audemars Piguet (now the Swiss movement manufacturer Dubois Dépraz CEO) Bruno Moutarlier to lead the development project, coordinating the work of Preciflex engineers and chemists and Chronode watchmakers.

    As a veteran of the Swiss watch industry, Perriard knows where to buy the traditional watch parts needed for HYT: case, crystal and more. But for fluid module components, HYT will have to venture into unknown areas. Periyad recalls that the purchase of bellows and glass capillaries is particularly tricky. There are no suitable suppliers in Switzerland to provide these two ingredients.

    For the bellows, HYT has been to Philadelphia, a company that works for NASA (Perriard will not disclose its name). “It took a lot of time to find someone,” he said. The difficulty is to propose a completely waterproof but flexible container so that it can be compressed by the watch movement.

    Another problem is the glass capillary. HYT finally found a supplier in Germany. “In Switzerland, we can't find a company that can perfectly bend glass into a 360-degree shape without any micro-angles,” Perriard said. With the exception of these two exceptions, all components are made in hublot Key of Time 902.OX.1138.RX Replica watch